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In CryptoEnergy we trust!

“Zero-emissions process”
Turning bio mass to energy and Crypto Carbon Certificates with the combined efforts of blockchain and advanced Artificial Intelligence is now an innovative reality.


Innovative Community

Vectorium Flash is mineable from everyone, and it’s based on the lastest codebase implementing sapling and overwinter security support. A faster blocktime allows you to send and receive coins in a matter of milliseconds.

Vectorium Plus is a green convertible coin based on blockchain technologies that allows you to store amounts of value. Enhanced with built in powerful Proof of Stake system. After 4 years, you’ll be able to convert any of your coins into corporate equity.
Equihash 192_7
Why choosing this algo variant

Vectorium has a built-in mining and PoW system wich requires solid and stable RAM usage definetly kicking out big ASIC farms. We choosed an high intensity algo in order to maintain high solo mining rewards for little miners: our goal is to spread the community hashrate to generate a stable income for every user.

Sapling and Overwinter allows transactions to be sent more faster than ever, implementing an unique feature to privatyze users funds without the needs of large wallets stored locally.

Vectorium privacy

Why mine Vectorium Flash?

– Lightning fast transactions (less than 0.12 millisecond to have spendable coins!)

Created to be solo mined on community pools only with green electricity

Born to resist big farms and ASIC pool hoppers

Can be converted in Crypto Carbon Certificates (Credits)

Crypto Carbon Credits?

A carbon credit is a term to identify any tradable certificate or permit representingthe right to emit one tonne of carbon dioxide or the equivalent amount of a differentgreenhouse gas (tCO2e).Carbon credits and carbon markets are a component of national and internationalattempts to mitigate the growth in concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHGs). Onecarbon credit is equal to one tonne of carbon dioxide, or in some markets, carbondioxide equivalent gases.
It will be possible to generate CryptoCarbon Credits Certificates by holding and validating VectoriumFlash (VECT). The coins used in the generation of a certificate will consequently be closely  associated with the certificate itself but remain, in fact, expendable. A group of coins, inputs or transactions that have generated a certificate cannot be reused to generate other certificates.

Why invest  in Vectorium +?

Up to 20% Wallet Bonus yearly (stake bonus)

Environmental friendly (no power usage)

Value tied to Vectorium Consortiums (Islands)

What is Vectorium Flash? What about Vectorium+?
Vectorium Flash is a mineable coin based on a new blockchain technology. It’s the core asset of the new CryptoEnergy project that will lead us into a new era.  Vectorium Plus, instead, is a powerful way to convert your mined coins to electricity power and consortium shares!

Waste to Coin

Waste-to-Coin (WtC) or coin-from-waste (CfW) is the process of generating energy and coin in the form of electricity and/or cryptocurrency from the primary treatment of waste, or the processing of waste into a “fuel crypto-mining source”.
WtC is a form of energy and coin recovery.
Most WtC processes generate electricity and/or cryptocurrency directly through sublimation, or even produce a combustible fuel commodity, such as methane, methanol, ethanol or synthetic fuels.

Vectorium Consortiums (Islands)
Vectorium Consortiums are places where the collectivity can produce renewable energy and cryptocurrecy. Those placesproduce power energy value combining wind, solar and waste by a virtuous ecosystem regulated by blockchain and Artificial Intelligence  based on Waste to Coin process.
We focus in order to build and deliver more than 300 Consortium Islands by the end of 2024. 
  • Vectorium Islands we expect to build in the next 5 years

From your home

Vectorium Flash can be mined as if accumulating electricity in a battery (possibly with renewable source).

Completly exchangeable

Vectorium flash is exchanged through certified and trusted Exchanges or partners in other crypto or fiat. All over the world!

Crypto Carbon Credits

Being part of Vectorium’s Ecosystem will allow you to buy or trade CryptoCarbon
Credits Certificates. These can be generated by holding and validating the
VectoriumFlash (VECT) minable coins. These certificates can be exchanged in the global ETS market


The Vectorium+ sale allows the creation of Vector Islands in which Waste and wind-photovoltaic blades generates electricy and new Vectorium Flash!

Pre-CGE and CGE Purchasers (40%)
40% of  500 million (or 200 million) VCTPs available for issuance shall be allocated to pre-CGE purchasers and CGE purchasers.
Reserve (40%)
We are focused on the long-term viability of Vectorium and want to ensure that it is not hampered by a lack of foresight as regards to its future funding at the outset. Therefore, the Company has allocated 40% (or 200 million) VCTPs available for issuance to be held in reserve to fund future growth initiatives or other needs critical to the success of Vectorium. The reserve may be increased only by a majority (51%) vote of VCTP holders casting votes, with the holder of each VCTP entitled to cast one vote per VCTP held.
Development Team and Founders (15%)
15% of the 500 milion (or 75 million) VCTPs available for issuance will be allocated to core development team, critical employees, and the founders. These BIQ will be locked in a smart contract and will vest in their entirety two years after the commencement of the CGE.
Advisors, Capital Raising Fees, Initial Marketing (5%)
5% of the one 500 millions VCTPs available for issuance will be allocated to companies and individuals that performed critical roles during the TGE process for either no upfront fee or a highly discounted rate. Examples of these types of services include legal, marketing, and capital raising.

Vectorium Plus Distribuition
  • Coin sale purchasers
  • Reserve
  • Development Team and Founders
  • Advisors, Capital Raising, Initial Marketing
Pre Sale / ExMarkets IEO - Round 1
From 1st July 2019
to 21 July 2019
1 VCTP = 0.70 $
1 500 000$ Soft cap
1 416 450$ Collected!
Pre Sale / ExMarkets IEO - Round 2
From 21 July 2019
to 31 October 2019
1 VCTP = 0.80 $
7 500 000$ Middle cap
2 656 023$ Collected!
From 31 October 2019
to 31 December 2019
1 VCTP = 0.90 $
100 000 000$ Hard cap
4 667 450$ Collected!
From 1st  January 2020
to 15 February 2020
1 VCTP = 1.00 $
200 000 000$
Top Hard cap

Our solo pool introduces a new mining system!
Servers equipped with the latest custom software provide everyone a simple way to collect more coins fairly. It’s time to say goodbye to 51% attacks and big farms hopping. Every worker has hashrate limits and access to new blocks is priorityzed to little miners.

You can mine Vectorium using your normal home equipment, such CPU’s and GPU’s rigs.

Vectorium Solo Mining
  • Block reward to solo miners
  • 1.5% Pool fee (servers mainteniance)
Vectorim Plus Staking
(100 Coins example)
  • 100 VCTP Your balance
  • ~20 VCTP Up to 20% Wallet Bonus
Our Strategy and Project Plan
Enea Benedetto
CEO & Founder

Enea brings to Vectorium a long history in both financial services and technology that qualifies him to spearhead applications of our enterprise.

Andres Palacio Restrepo
Energy-technology leader

Andres has a long history, both in terms of employee and freelancer. Andres brings to vectorium his background of more than 33 years in different industries and several roles

Michele Sburlino
Chief information officer (CIO)

Expert Project manager specializing in software, web development, agile methodologies, sustainability and blockchain technology.

Mario Apra’
Blockchain Intellectual Property

Mario has devoted his time to strategic intellectual property counseling in the electrical and mechanical arts, focusing on efficient and effective patent prosecution.

Nicola Bertelli
Blockchain Dev

Nicola owns Revolution Chain which is an Italian IT and Blockchain-oriented business and it is an important part of Vectorium’s ecosystem because it’s acting as the project main technology provider. Nicola has has experience in developing blockchain-based solutions and services.

Cleo Rea
Customer Advisor Specialist

Cleo brings to the team a sound knowledge of service delivery and how processes can be improved both for the benefit of the service users and the service provider.

Flavio Gioia
Legal Advisor

Graduated in Law with honors from the University of Turin, with a thesis in international law in 1983

Roberto D’Addario

Financial Coach and investor with several experiences in different sector like real estate, alternative investments and financial markets

Olman Serrano
Olman Serrano
International project advisor

Expertise in high level negotiations with governments, with focus in African countries.

Gerjon Hodaj
Social Media Manager

He is attending high school with information technology as an address, he has a year experience in managing corporate social media and creating web pages

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-10 at 17.52.29
Alan Garcia
Graphic Designer

Graphic Content Creator, deals with the creation of logos, banners, social media posts,new images, brochures, business cards, all kind of documents, restayling websites.

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