Vectorium, the “Green” coin ready for the challenge of eco-sustainability.

Elon Musk ditches Bitcoin, “we must respect the environment”; Vectorium, the “Green” coin ready for the challenge of eco-sustainability.

A tweet from the multimillionaire Elon Musk was enough to unmask some of Bitcoin “eco-sustainability” problems.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the auto company would not accept any payment made by the platform Bitcoin on Wednesday.
What was the match that started the fire? The main problem of cryptocurrencies is the large consumption of energy necessary to power the so-called “mining” of the platforms, coming from fossil energies and highly polluting the earth and our ecosystem.
Some time ago, even Bill Gates had revealed his scepticism regarding cryptocurrencies precisely because of the problem of pollution.
All this confirms that the problem of eco-sustainability is crucial for the continuation of the crypto world; is there a solution to this huge problem? Vectorium, the cryptocurrency made in Italy, can be the solution and the forerunner for the ecological transition of the crypto world.
But what is Vectorium? Why is it really a revolution?
Vectorium is a decentralized cryptocurrency platform, conceived and developed in Italy, based on the blockchain system that uses only energy from renewable sources. To guarantee its Eco-sustainability is Bureau Veritas, a world leader in inspection and risk assessment services related to quality, environment and safety, which monitors and verifies the origin of the energy necessary to “mining” cryptocurrency.
Vectorium is the first “carbon free” and “environmental” cryptocurrency in the world; it does not need to pollute to be produced, it draws energy from Italy and other European countries for the “mining” of the currency; this is a big difference compared to other cryptocurrencies that use energy from non-European countries such as China, where costs are lower, and energy exploitation is higher; think of the Chinese autonomous region of Mongolia where about 8% of the world’s bitcoins are mined (7% in the USA).
Vectorium is the answer and the certainty for a Green coin that can represent the evolution of crypto transactions and give a strong signal of how the world of blockchains can live in harmony with the climate and increase the digitization of services in every country.
The future is now. Vectorium is here.

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