Blockchain and Environment

Safeguard and enhance the ecosystem through blockchain technology.

Transparency, trust, immutability and guarantee: are the keywords at the base of the Blockchain, which has become a tool to guarantee the quality and, above all, the traceability of all stages of production, from transformation to distribution, even in the organic sector.

In recent years, many European and Extra-European countries have initiated policies aimed at restoring ecosystems. This year the economic value of nature has been quantified at 125 trillion dollars per year, equal to about 160% of the global gross domestic product.

We understand how nature is more important than material well-being, and therefore an efficient way must be found to have a productive and sustainable harmony with the earth.

Do Environment and eco-systemic services produce economy?

The most direct form is the production of goods, such as agricultural production, timber, etc.

Another category of services is bio-geochemical cycle regulation systems between the biosphere and the atmosphere, for example, among the most popular today, the capture of carbon dioxide by plants and, therefore, the mitigation capacity of global warming or protection hydrogeological instability and soil erosion.

This economic potential of the ecosystem services market generates perplexity on the transparency and clarity of transactions as happened in 2009 in New Guinea with 100 million dollars of carbon credits sold in the face of false contracts with local owners.

A certification and transaction tracking system is required that is absolutely transparent and free from potential falsifications.

Blockchain is conceived with a block system of transactions that is characteristic of not being centralized but distributed in all the users’ network nodes. Any transaction in the network is immediately made visible to all the participants.

In fact, blockchain technology will make a major contribution to action for the climate and the environment; it can efficiently and transparently track any data, guaranteeing the commitment of different nations to respect the international rules dictated by the Paris Agreement.

Blockchain and Nature are destined to be a fundamental combination for the future of our planet and the control of traceability more effectively and transparently than the methods used to date.

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