The only certified “green” cryptocurrency, Italian with a worldwide capitalization

The arrival of hundreds of virtual currencies in recent years has made it more complex to understand each of the true value and potential and invest with serenity and clarity in solid and transparent projects. Vectorium is one of the most interesting crypto coins of recent years. Founded in Italy and certified by “bureau veritas”, it has developed a blockchain capable of vectorizing goods, tracking and storing sensitive data directly within transaction blocks, and using only energy from renewable sources to mine the currency.
This uniqueness in the world in having only renewable sources as a source of energy has attracted over time many investors who have started buying coins on the various online platforms that have loyal Vectorium or who have started (by consulting the website) personal “green mining” for the creation of the coin becoming “prosumer” using a photovoltaic or solar home / industrial system.

Vectorium reached high capitalization levels quickly, continuing to have billions of dollars ($) in trading levels within the market. Capitalization and market cap are significant values to verify reliability and stability and are used to calculate the cumulative value of the Blockchain sector.

To confirm the seriousness and stability of the Vectorium project is precisely its capitalization and its value of market exchanges which reached 7 billion dollars ($) in April 2021 and is set to increase in the coming months.
This is essential data to have more clarity on how much Vectorium is a safe, reliable currency with a very solid project behind it, destined to become a symbol of the Green revolution in the crypto world.

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