Virtual Yuan arrives in China; first 40 million digital Yuan placed on the market

Beijing accelerates the step towards the digital transition; eco-sustainable cryptos will be our future

After months of announcements, China officially opens the dance on the digital Yuan. The currency issued by the central bank is ready to become a tool with which the central government will significantly increase the gap in financial transactions.

The government distributed, as revealed by the well-known website Ansa, 40 million Yuan (6.2 million dollars) in digital form to the citizens of Beijing, through a lottery; the residents of the Chinese capital will now be able to use two banking apps to request to win one of the 200,000 virtual packages containing the currency, which can then be freely spent on the purchase of goods and services.

It is a significant signal on a global level, which projects us towards a more digitalized future with an exponential increase in the use of digital currencies and a reduction in emissions in energy management. In addition to China, many other European and non-European governments are opening up to the digital world as proof that this will be the right path to take for a more modern and sustainable world.

Vectorium is one of the few virtual currencies born and conceived concerning the environment, intending to help digitize countries. It will be increasingly crucial to have efficient digitization to allow states and citizens to live more straightforwardly and innovatively. From ”green” mining through energy deriving from renewable sources, passing through recycling waste through disposal is converted into usable energy (visit the Vectorium website for more details). In a world where trust in people and processes is increasingly lacking, will we be able to trust machines and decentralization to improve this world?

With a digital currency that can be spent on goods and services, it will be essential to decentralize money and more efficient and less expensive services. For example, many bank commission costs would be reduced, and transparency in transactions through decentralized blockchains would be reduced. Vectorium, with a modern Blockchain capable of storing a massive amount of data, ensuring transparency and security and with a concrete project in the field of renewable energy, can become a reference point for the digital and ecological transition.

Enter the Green Island of the future too. Visit the Vectorium site.

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