The Circularity and recycling; the key to the future is in the blockchain

Vectorium, with its experience in the green world and an innovative blockchain ready to lead the ecological transition

Those involved in Blockchain are certain that this technology will transform every business and affect the lives of all of us within a short time. The Blockchain is considered the key to improving trust, transparency and security in transactions, being part of the galaxy of the so-called “Internet of value,” that is, those systems that enable one to exchange value on the Net with the same ease with which information.

It will be possible to use blockchain technology in many areas. The new “certification” technologies seem perfect, such as managing the procurement processes and systems of raw materials and secondary raw materials in the different phases of waste treatment. Blockchain can provide a platform that allows other subjects to verify that each exchange in a supply chain has taken place by authenticating it without the need for an intermediary to guarantee it. When you know what is happening in real-time about your product and its composition, it increases the value of this product. 

Traceability is an essential condition for promoting circularity from materials procurement to production, consumption and end-of-life management. Furthermore, guaranteeing the originality of a product and its traceability ensures greater consumer confidence. It decreases the cost of control for each production step used in the creation of the product.

The increase in the use of the Blockchain can come from the Italian “Green” cryptocurrency Vectroium, which in recent years has developed an innovative, helpful blockchain for various areas. The latest generation blockchain, capable of storing a very high amount of data. It uses a unique artificial intelligence approach, an integrated mining and Proof of Work (PoW) system that requires solid and stable use of RAM (Random Access Memory), permanently eliminating large application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) farms.

Vectorium, with its Blockchain, increases economic savings because it eliminates the need for third-party audits, increases the efficiency and operation of service by highlighting redundant and unnecessary steps. Sustainability brings sustainability: a technological tool can be the means to build a network of realities and consumers who share the same values.

The use of the Blockchain could, in particular, be applied to the waste traceability system. Create a closed and functional design for the “certification” of all phases, from collection to transport to the final treatment plant. Vectorium has developed an exciting project concerning the disposal and conversion of waste into value. Through their innovative and secure Blockchain, each of us can send waste, receiving some tokens in exchange. The collected waste will be sent to the specially designed Vectorium island to convert waste into energy. Blockchain technology allows you to trace vector flows and exchange energy in seconds at minimal costs.

The “Vectorium Islands” are unique places where renewable energy and cryptocurrencies are collectively produced. These islands generate electricity through various sources, such as wind, solar and/or waste, through a blockchain and advanced process management AI. These ”green” islands can be tailor-made (see based on the needs and the type of energy available.

A very ambitious project that is already receiving excellent responses from those who have undertaken this significant change. Vectorium’s goal is to expand its community in the name of a sustainable, traceable and transparent world to find a new way of coexistence with nature by making the most of the technological avant-garde. By supporting the Vectorium project, we would be able to get out of the dark polluting world of carbon emissions and gradually move towards an environmental harmony that we all hope for. Thanks to Vectorium, each of us could check our carbon footprint by verifying the distance for desirable ecological neutrality.

Visit the website for more information and join our big “Green” family. The future is now.

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