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About us

Vectorium Project – Team Members

Enea Benedetto
CEO & Founder

Enea brings to Vectorium a long history in both financial services and technology that qualifies him to spearhead applications of our enterprise.

Andres Palacio Restrepo
Energy-technology leader

Andres has a long history, both in terms of employee and freelancer. Andres brings to vectorium his background of more than 33 years in different industries and several roles

Michele Sburlino
CTO and Head of Project Development

Expert Project manager specializing in software, web development, agile methodologies, sustainability and blockchain technology.

Mario Apra’
Blockchain Intellectual Property

Mario has devoted his time to strategic intellectual property counseling in the electrical and mechanical arts, focusing on efficient and effective patent prosecution.

Monica Milone
Chief Energy Strategy

Monica join the industrial sector working for the family factory,and she still follow her passion for automation, becoming owner of her first company in 1991.

⁨Lorenzo Anania
Chief Energy Engineering

Degree in mechanical engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin. He Joined as R&D manager of an industrial company of the Pianfei group, gaining experience in the managerial field and increasing his experience.

Cleo Rea
Customer Advisor Specialist

Cleo brings to the team a sound knowledge of service delivery and how processes can be improved both for the benefit of the service users and the service provider.

Pietro Farese
Chief Financial Officer

Degree in corporate finance at the business school of the University of Turin.


Flavio Gioia
Legal Advisor
Gerjon Hodaj
Social Media Manager

He is attending high school with information technology as an address, he has a year experience in managing corporate social media and creating web pages