Start mining Green!


Wish to build your own Vectorium Island or become a prosumer?

Vectorium Team is here to help you build and maintain your very own part in the Consortium.
Are you planning on sharing your current renewable energy production with the community and us? We’ll show you how.
Before we get started, we have a few questions for you. What eco-plans do you have? Are you a green energy generator, a homeowner with solar panels or similar? Do you own or have access to any suitable free space/area where a new Island could be built?

Fill the form below, tell us a bit more about you and your ideas and why you would like to be part of Vectorium Ecosystem!

Vectorium is now a blockchain completely maintained by green validators. This means that every single Coin is generated only using renewable electricity.

What is a prosumer?

As the term already says, a prosumer is a producer who at the same time consumes electricity. You can consider yourself a prosumer if you have a home or industrial photovoltaic system.


  • Start mining Vectorium and unleash the power of your miners as a legit green electricity miner!
  • No rig or GPU quantity limits
  • Convert unused electricity by generating Vectorium coins
  • Get certified as Green Miner!

Submit your request now!

Before joining Vectorium mining, we ask our miners to go trough KYC as the first step. Next, you’ll have to provide proof of using a renewable electricity certificate. This can be an electricity bill from a green energy provider, a Green Certificate, a GSE contract (for Italian miners) or an Origin Certificate from your electricity provider.

Since the whole process is validated, doublechecked and certified by third parties, we ask for as more data as possible. Please read our official Mining Disclaimer to know better regarding the platform usage.