Our Partners


Our Partners
Premium Partners

MashreqBank PSC is the oldest privately owned bank in the United Arab Emirates. It was founded as the Bank of Oman in 1967.
Website: www.mashreqbank.com


Guaranty Trust Holding Company PLC is also known as GTCO PLC is a multinational financial services group, that offers retail and investment banking and more services.
Website: www.gtbank.com


Al Khazraji is an UAE National Auditing company based in Abu Dhabi.
Website: www.khazrajiaudit.com

Attijariwafa Bank is aMoroccan bank, one of the largest in Morocco and Africa. The bank operates several national and foreign branches.
Website: www.attijariwafabank.com


A unified, API integrated order book that connects you to the largest cryptocurrency exchanges and leading liquidity providers. The Crypto ECN is here.
Website: www.nebulaecn.com


BenediXit OU Ltd has real-world experience linking blockchain technology and business process, across the entire blockchain journey, fro clients. BenediXit OU Ltd mainly deals with Energy Software, Energy Hardware, and Artificial Intelligence.
Website: www.benedix.it


Azbit has everything required for a successful launch: a strong team, a reliable business model, and the exciting prospect of bringing something new to the world of finance.
Website: www.azbit.com


Xbit is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange known for its next-level security.
Website: www.xbit.finance


Talentum aims to become a true talent marketplace. As a digital intermediary between athletes and clubs, the platform connects the needs and opportunities of the market thanks to artificial intelligence.
Website: www.talentum.world


Infoneo is a compassionate partner in defining achievements and success. Their efficient process of customer onboarding is attentive and breeds allegiance. They follow a four-pronged process to collaborate with their clients globally.
Website: www.infoneotech.com


Digital Neobank blockchain-based with no physical branches, which lower fees than traditional banks – withdrawals, money exchange/transfer, and payments abroad.
Website: www.dgbank.me


Soft Partners

The Partnership with MU=IT Srl allows Vectorium to leverage different wind installations to expand its energy production and take advantage of this energy source. MIT Srl uses an innovative semi-vertical wind system too exploit any wind flow. and generate additional energy from all wind sources. Website: www.mitenergia.it

BREATH uses the principle of sublimation to transform biomass, waste plastic, and various other organic material into Syngas (synthesis gas), and then uses it in an endothermic engine that, when connected to an alternator,  produces electricity.
Website: www.lifebreath.it


Since 1828, Bureau Veritas is a world leader in testing, inspection, compliance, and certification services (TIC).
Website: WWW.bureauveritas.it



Headquarters in London (United Kingdom) – 5 Percy St
Website: www.indacoin.io