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Vectorium Islands

Vectorium Islands are places where the collectivity can produce renewable energy and cryptocurrecy.
Those Islands produce power energy value combining wind, solar and waste by a virtuous ecosystem regulated by blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.
Vectorium Islands are based on Waste to Coin process.


Imagine a world in which surpluses become healthy, imagine an ecosystem in which the environmental lifecycle produces wealth and produces sustainable and healthy way. Think of a world where nothing is thrown away, think of a planet where the reuse of our own waste enhances the lives of our communities. Think of a future in which all this will be possible thanks to vector islands in which the air we breathe will be pure and sublime as a few centuries ago. Realizing all this is now possible: the combination of hardware, software and intelligence has brought us to a new VECTORIUM level.
A technology, the Blockchain, allows us to trace vector flows and exchange energy in a few seconds at minimal costs. Two crypto coins with different functions (power transport and payments, Convertible Bond and Securities)
Vector Islands that will be able to transform the leftovers of the community into wealth and exchange it with other collectives without intermediaries.
In a virtuous cycle in which the waste is transformed into crypto energy and crypto breath